Dental technology I'm most excited about

             intra-oral scanning system

             intra-oral scanning system

In my practice, any technology that enhances accuracy, simplicity and predictability is welcomed. Right now I'm very excited about the intra-oral scanning system we have recently introduced to our diagnostic and treatment planning routine.

Anyone who has had any dental work such as crown, veneers or orthodontic retainer, has experienced having a mouth full of gag-inducing, messy impression material, variations of which have been around ever since the birth of restorative dentistry. I'm happy to say that for the most part these impressions are a thing of the past.

Aside from increased patient comfort, intra-oral scans provide unparalleled accuracy which essentially translates into better fitting devices and longer lasting prosthesis. The scan process takes a few minutes and immediately provides a 3D interactive computer model which can help me generate a simulation of teeth movement and even provide a cosmetic design.

This increased comfort, accuracy, efficiency and communication afforded by intraoral scanning and 3D modeling greatly improves patient experience and is now a standard adjunct to my diagnosis, design and treatment planning process.