Simply put: Cosmetic Dentistry = Restorative Dentistry + Aesthetic Judgement 

It's a simple formula yet hard to deliver.  WHY? Because there is no standard for aesthetic judgement. All the rules for creating perfect smiles are at the end formulaic, which for the most part result in predictable and plastic results. 

I would say the #1 reason patients hesitate to initiate a cosmetic dental procedure, aside from cost, is absence of a guarantee that they will like the final results.

In my practice I overcome this by making multiple trial temporaries. Even after all that on insertion day, I start off by telling my patient that unless we BOTH like the final results, I will not make an insertion for the simple reason that a short term delay is better than living a life-time with less than perfect results.

So when in doubt, I make yet another trial run of the final result, have my patient live with them for a week or two, before making a commitment to the design, or not!

What are your techniques for making sure the final result is satisfactory to both you and your patients?