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Dr. Maryam Horri

“Cosmetic Dentistry is my passion, but contrary to what people may assume, I don't believe everyone should undergo cosmetic treatments. I believe our individuality is what makes us compelling. I therefore place great emphasis on designing smiles that compliment my patients' distinctive facial features and communicates their individuality in a pleasing way.

Embedded in our nature as humans is the strive to improve ourselves, our surroundings and the lives of others around us. This is what drives me on a daily basis and where I share common ground with my patients.”

Dr. Maryam Horri is a recognized and admired expert with three decades of experience in aesthetic reconstructive dentistry. A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine., Dr. Horri has been in private practice in Boston and Manhattan and has served as a full time faculty at Columbia University School of Dentistry's Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

She is the founder and CEO of BrillantSmile®.and Honar Foundation, a non-profit platform promoting and supporting contemporary visual arts.


Dr. Erica Bae

Dr. Erica Bae’s passion for patient care is built on a unique combination of advanced training in research and clinical dentistry.

She has a Masters in Biostatistics from Harvard University and Doctorate in Dental Surgery from NYU College of Dentistry.

Dr. Bae’s clinical training includes implantology and dental surgery at Columbia University.

Dr. Erica Bae is a winning champion who holds the Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Damaris Lewis

Damaris Lewis is the CEO of Gorudo Candles, a concierge company that designs custom experiences for homes, businesses, and events. Damaris is responsible for the sophisticated and relaxing sensory experience during your visit. From customized aromatherapy with organic essential oils to soy candles and organic beverages, Damaris curates seasonal experience bearing her distinct touch of quality, warmth and emotional connection.

Damaris is a member of the Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame and continually mentors the next generation of young talent while navigating the entertainment industry.